New Years Twins

New Years Twins

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The 1999 Signature Bear is made from a brown colour material and flecked with white. He has black button eyes and a black button nose. Around his neck is a deep red ribbon and on his chest is a red heart with “1999” and Ty’s signature stitched in white.

Collectors notes

The 1999 Signature Bear was introduced on 1st January 1999.

The 1999 Signature Bear was the first signature bear to be released.

Like all the Signature Bears, he did not include a birthday or a poem.

He was retired on 23rd December 1999.


Swing Tag Generation: 5
Tush Tag Generation: 7
Birthday: None
Release Date: 01/01/1999
Release Year: 1999
Retirement Date: 23/12/1999